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Becky and Seth were newlyweds looking to put down roots, taking advantage of CHFA's first time homebuyer program. We had been searching for weeks when we finally came across “the one”. We found out there were multiple offers and went to work putting together a clean and competitive offer, including an exceptional personal letter from our buyers to the sellers. Their offer was accepted and we were told that we beat out 19 other offers! Their offer was accepted because they connected so well with the seller and their offer was so well written.

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Elijah and Amanda bought their first home from us back in June of 2015. Realizing they needed more space for their very active children, they popped by an open house in March of 2017, and called us right away. They didn’t end up buying the open house property, but we were able to find them a beautiful new home in their favorite neighborhood that fit all their needs. We got their house sold for $11,000 over asking price with multiple offers, got their new home under contract $10,000 below asking price and closed a day after their 2 years of ownership, avoiding capital gains taxes!


helping Grandma be closer

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Helping nana be closer...

Missie, a devoted Mom and Grandma desired to move from The Western Slope to the Denver area to be near her grown children and her precious grandchildren. It was our honor to help her find just the right home where she could make lasting memories. Now she is close enough to share holidays and birthdays and just ordinary every day living.  However, when you are a grandma, there is nothing ordinary about making memories with your grandchildren.

John and Brenda (1).jpg


John and Brenda owned a rental in Northeast Denver for 8 years before they decided it was time to sell and do a 1031 exchange for a property they hope to eventually retire to. With a lot of hard work, they had their place sparkling and clean. We listed the home for $275,000 and received 32 offers, eventually closing at $300,000. With the proceeds, they were able to purchase an amazing estate in Florida that they will rent until the retire to the water.

Ed and Gloria Mountain Home - The Knoll Team


Ed and Gloria, our "clients turned friends" have over the years, engaged us to help them with their real estate transactions.  Their dream was to own a home in the mountains where they could eventually retire and watch the sunset from their upper deck. It was so exciting and rewarding to be there with them on closing day when they finally held the keys to their very own mountain home.  



Jean Klein - Foundation of the knoll team


When you visit the Knoll Team website, one of the first things you see is this line:


It’s not just a slogan for our website, it is truly the foundation of our business. It started in 1946 with Pam Meier’s grandfather. Then in 1957 Jean Klein, Pam’s mother, got her start in real estate because she wanted to help her Dad. Eventually, Justin Knoll followed in his mother Pam’s footsteps. So when we say generations of experience, we mean it!

Of course, back in Jean’s day, there were no cell phones, no email, no internet or even fax machines and the contracts were all written out by hand and driven around town for signatures. That was just how it was and Jean did it all. She was well loved and admired by all who knew her in part because she never forgot a name or detail about the families and people she interacted with. A great many of her clients immediately became lifelong friends.

She was sincere and innovative, a doer but also creative. Jean and her husband Al organized a Valentine’s Day dance and Halloween dance each year which they named The Klodhopper Klub. It was well attended by as many as 300 people. Jean and Al would provide the meat and people would pay $5 each in addition to bringing a side dish. Each attendee could invite someone else and in this way the guest list of potential clients just grew and grew over the years.

In addition, Jean would advertise in her hometown newspaper with these really creative, fun poems. Her first poem was:

“Gee whiz, Holy cow, We need listings, please call now.”

They were so popular that people eagerly thumbed through their paper each week looking for Jean’s ads to see what fun, creative poetry she devised that week.

Lucky for you, we have them all to share. We are starting a new series on our social media centered around Jean and her creative poems. We hope that you enjoy them as much as we do!